Varta Start-Stop With EFB Technology Batteries


THE RIGHT POWER FOR ENTRY- LEVEL START-STOP FUNCTION VARTA Start-Stop batteries with EFB technology are perfect for vehicles with a standard, entry- level Start-Stop function. When the engine is switched off, they provide the vehicle’s electrical devices system with a reliable power supply and ensure that the engine restarts in a fraction of a second. Furthermore, they boast twice as much cyclic stability as conventional batteries and can be more discharged without any loss of functionality.

THE BENEFITS OF VARTA START-STOP AT A GLANCE: Optimised EFB (Enhanced Flooded Battery) Technology with polyester scrim Latest OE technology for standard entry-level Start-Stop vehicles Improved charge acceptance for recovering energy more quickly during driving phase Twice the cycle life of standard lead-acid starter batteries Spill Proof to 55° Good starting performance Longer lifespan Totally maintenance-free THE CONSTRUCTION OF VARTA START-STOP BATTERIES WITH EFB TECHNOLOGY.

EFB stands for “Enhanced Flooded Battery” Specially developed for standard entry-level Start-Stop vehicles EFB batteries come with an additional polyfleece “scrim” and thicker plates than conventional wet-cell batteries Use of special polyfleece “scrim” holds additional active material in the plate Enhanced cycle performance versus conventional flooded batteries Scrim material applies a uniform low contact pressure on the active mass This reduces the loss of active material Current vehicle models to feature the technology include the Fiat 500 Start-Stop version, the Toyota Yaris Start-Stop version and the Ford ECOnetic To the product range overview

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Varta Start Stop EFB Car Battery N60 / 027EFB
1 reviews
Voltage 12v
Coldstart 640
Capacity 60ah
£129.98 inc. VAT
Varta Start Stop EFB Car Battery D54 / 100EFB
0 reviews
Voltage 12v
Coldstart 650
Capacity 65ah
£130.00 inc. VAT
Varta Start Stop EFB Car Battery E46 / 110EFB
2 reviews
Voltage 12v
Coldstart 730
Capacity 75ah
£149.99 inc. VAT
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