Battery Maintenance

For a battery to remain in good working order, it should be maintained in a fully charged state by the vehicle’s charging system. Where a battery is used as a means of alternative power, it is generally charged by means of an independent charger which supplies direct current to the battery through rectification.

Battery Safety Aspects

The handling and the proper use of lead-acid batteries is not hazardous provided appropriate facilities are available and operatives, having been instructed, are adequately supervised and take reasonable care.

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Battery Removal and Installation

Follow our 10 step simple procedure for removing and installing automotive batteries. Please feel free to print our guide for future reference.

If you are not sure how to remove or install your battery, please contact us.

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Battery Testing Storage & Charging

Testing of your batteries is essential to battery maintenance and can be invaluable to your battery usage or shelf life. Please ensure you follow the correct procedure when testing your battery.

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